Penner River

Penner River


Name of River

Penner River


India (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh)


Nandi Hills in Chikballapur District of Karnataka


597 km (371 mi)


46.30 km



The Penner River which is also known by the names of Pennar, Penneru as well as Penna lies in the southern corner of India. This river rises after reaching the Nandi hills which are situated in the district of Chikballapur that is a part of the State of Karnataka. This river flows from north as well as east corners across Andhra Pradesh and ultimately reaches Bay of Bengal. It possesses a length of 597 kms (which is equivalent to 371 miles) and the drainage base of this river is 55,213 sq kms (which is equal to 21,318 sq miles).


This river is spread across an area of 55,213 square kilometers approximately. Pennar is a river that flows across two different states including Andhra Pradesh as well as Karnataka. The area of the river basin in Andhra Pradesh is 48,276 square kilometers while in Karnataka it is 6,937 square kilometers. The average rainfall that occurs every year is 500 millimeters. This river basin is located in the region which is called as rain shadow that is positioned in Eastern Ghats.

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