Krishna River

Krishna River


Name of River

Krishna River


India (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh)


Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar


1300 kilometres (808 mi)


75 feet (23 m)


Krishna River is regarded as longest rivers and this stretches in the southern central Indian and it is 1300 kms. This river is also referred by the name of Krishnaveni and it is having the original nomenclature. This is one of the 4th largest rivers and it occupies an important place after Godawari, Narmada and Ganges.




This river would be arising through the Mahabaleshwar and that is present at Jor village and it les in north region that is Wai Taluka, satara district. It would be meeting up in Bay of Bengal and that is present on eastern coast and then it would be flowing in Karnataka state. This river delta is regarded as the fertile regions and it is also the home place of ancient Ikshvaku and Satavahana. Vijaywada is one of the largest cities and it is present on River Krishna. Sangali is located in the Maharashtra and it is also largest. According to the records, this river is regarded as one of the disastrous. One of the prominent reasons behind this fact is that it is responsible for causing the soil erosion and it is known for having the furious and fast depths. One of the most common sayings is that- santh vaahate Krishnamaai and this means that quiet flows of Krishna. During the period of June till August, it would be causing very high erosion.

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