Godavari River

Godavari River

Name of River

Godavari River


India (Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh)


Brahmagiri Mountain, Tryambakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra, India


1,465 km (910 mi)


130 feet


The river Godavari flows from west till the south corners of India and helps in forming the biggest river basin all over India.

It holds the second position in terms of its length in India in comparison with the Ganges and it is one of the biggest rivers of South India.


The length of this Godavari River is 1465 kilometers. It begins from Trimbak which is a part of the district of Nashik that lies in the State of Maharashtra and moves from the east towards the Deccan and reaches Bay of Bengal situated close to Antarvedi as well as Yanam in the district of East Godavari that is positioned in Andhra Pradesh.

Godavari is a chief water stream of the central India that originates from the Western Ghats region of Trimbakeshwar which is located in the Subdivision of Nashik as well as Maharashtra district and moves in the east direction all the way from the Deccan in the Maharashtra state. It is famous by the name of dakshin Ganga which also means Southern Ganges. It moves into Andhra Pradesh from Basara which is a part of the district of Adilabad.


When it passes through the region of Telangana in Andhra Pradesh it gets in contact with a village known as Dharmapuri. This village is a place for pilgrimage and possesses innumerable Hindu temples of the ancient period as well as a river known as Godavari which serves as a religious place in real sense. The river is used for bathing and gets extended with sand and rocks. When the river crosses the Deccan it turns and starts flowing in south eastern direction till it reaches Bay of Bengal from two different ways. Basara, that is situated near Godavari, in the district of Adilabad, is the home for a well-known temple of deity Saraswati.There is one more temple of the divinity in India.


Nashik is a biggest city while Rajahmundry is one of the second biggest cities located near Godavari. This river gets broadened near Rajahmundry and possesses a distance across 5 kilometers in comparison to Rajahmundry till the other corner that lies at Kowur.

The project that was named as Ram Sagar was created over this waterway during the year staring from 1964 till 1969 helps in serving all the irrigation requirements of Nizamabad, Adilabad, Warangal as well as Karimnagar districts.


While this river rises above 80 kms as compared to Arabian Sea it moves across a distance of 1465 kilometers and enter in Bay of Bengal. A dam is located above Rajahmundry that facilitates water for agricultural purposes. This river gets divided in two different streams under Rajahmundry and gets widened in a huge river delta that possesses an extraordinary passable agricultural canal system. Dowleswaram Barrage helps in connecting this region with the Krishna stream in the South west corner.


The total drainage region of the Godavari waterway is 312,812 square kilometers and comprises of an additional state that is spread in an area which covers one-tenth area of India. It is also more than the total areas of Ireland as well as England if they are put together. Rivers Indravati, Wainganga, Pench, Kanhan, Pravara, Wardha as well as Penuganga help in discharging huge amounts of water in Godavari. The tributaries of this river comprises of Manjira River, Indravati, Sabari and Bindusara River.


Jindhagada Peak that is situated at a height of 1,690 meters is the topmost end of Godavari basin.

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