Rivers flowing into Bay of Bengal

Rivers Flowing Into Bay of Bengal


Bay of Bengal is regarded as the biggest Bay in world and it is used for the formation of north-eastern part. Additionally, it is triangular in shape and it is having borders through Sri Lanka and India from western region where as Bangladesh from the north part and Andaman and Nicobar and Burma from the east.


This would be occupying an area of 2,171000 km². Large rivers distributaries that is Padma (Ganges Distributary), Jamuna (Brahmaputra branch), Meghna (Brahmaputra distributaries), Godavari, Krishna, Ayeyarwady and Kaveri; all of them would be flowing into Bay of Bengal. Some of the prominent ports are as follows- Pondicherry, Machilipatnam, Cuddalore, Chennai, Karaikal, Ennore, Kolkata, Paradip, Gangavaram, Vishakhapatnam, Yangon, Mongla and Chittagong.


Karnaphuli River through Bangladesh and Mizoram would be flowing through Bay of Bengal. These are some of the Rivers flowing into Bay of Bengal and they form the major source for water and they are utilized effectively.

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