Tapti River

Name of River

Tapti River


(Madhya Pradesh, (Maharashtra, , Gujarat)India


Betul District, Satpura Range


724 km


Tapi River is located in the central India. It is regarded as major rivers and it is having the length of 720 kms. It is among those rivers that are running through east to west region and other river includes Mahi River and Narmada River. This river would be rising in east and satpura rang and it would be flowing in west direction and it would be draining in the Nimar region of Madghya praadesh along with the eastern Vidarbha region and that are present in north eastern corners of south Gujarat and Deccan Plateau.


Prior to the emptying Cambay gulf and it would be forming the parallel boundaries and that would be between the south India and North. This western Range would be starting through Tapti River and it is very near to the Maharashtra and Gujarat borders.

This river would be getting emptied into Khambhat gulf and that is located near to the Surat city. This river is having its origination from Betul district and its specific birth placed is Multai town and it would be originating through Betul district that is kniwn through the name of Multai. Its Sanskrit name is Multapi and there are numerous facts provided in books of records.


According to the Hindu Mythology, it is known to be Lord Surya daughter and they have also dedicated the Purana on Tapi virtues and this is one of the holiest rivers. It is also praising the Ganges River and Tapi Purana has been mentioned in Ganges and that would be beholding Narmada and any individual can get free through all its sins. People are recommended that they should know more about this holy river and find useful information.

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