Sabarmati River

Name of River

Sabarmati River


India (Rajasthan, Gujarat)


Aravalli Range, Dhebar lake Udaipur District of the Rajasthan


371 km


This Sabarmati River is considered to be situated in western India and it is one of the largest rivers and that is present in the Northern Gujarat. It has originated through Dhebar Lake and that would be falling in the Aravalli range in Rajasthan Udaipur district and then it would be meeting up in the Cambay gulf and that is Arabian Sea and that would come after traveling of 371 kms through origin point. It is having the length of three hundred kms and width of the 105 kms.


Its entire catchment area is approximately 21672 km sq and 4120 km sq would be present in the Rajasthan state and remaining is present in the state of Gujarat. It would be arising in Aravali hills and that would be marking Udaipur district boundary. This comprises of the Mount area and it would be flowing in the south-western direction. Sei Nadi and Wakal River are considered to be its main tributaries and they would also be rising in Aravali hill and that lies in the western part of Udaipur city. It would be flowing in south and west direction and it is usually parallel to Sabarmati River.




Its course would be extending in the 371 kms in the western India and it would be starting its journey through Aravali range that is in Udaipur and Rajasthan District. Its river would start flowing in the Gujarat sate and that would be called through the name of Wakal River.

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