Narmada River

Name of River

Narmada River


India (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat)


Narmada Kund, Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh


1,312 km (815 mi) approx.


30-80 m


This Narmada River is regarded as one of the 5th largest in Central India and it would be flowing within Indian subcontinent. It would be forming the boundaries and that are mainly between south India and north India and then it would be flowing in the westward direction and they are having a length of 1310 kms and then it would be draining in the Arabian Sea through Cambey Gulf as well as Gujarat Bharuch city. This is one of the 3 rivers that are running from east till west and they would be running with Mahi River and Tapti River.


This is only India river that is known to have the rift valley and it would be flowing through west till Satpura and then till Vindhyas region. Mahi and Tapti rivers would also be flowing through these Madhya Pradesh states, but they would be following the different routes. These are lying between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh borders and also between the Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh borders.


This River is considered to be the holiest rivers through Hindus and it is one of the beliefs that, if you have taken the bath in it and then all your sins would get washed away. Another belief is that it is having the close association with the Lord Shiva and therefore you would also get to check out some of the significant pilgrimage sites and you can easily take the walk on them and that would be on the Maikal Mountains and also on their back. It is one of the processes that would be taking 2 years for completion. The Maheswar town is regarded as one of the most significant pilgrimage sites and it would be following the river route. All Narmadeeya Brahmin worship this river and they consider it their as own Mother goddess. This river is also having the name of Reva and according to the history; this place belongs to the Aryans.

Origin of Narmada River

This river is having its origination through Narmada Kund. You would find ample of beautiful temples and they have been constructed around these kund and that includes- Siddheswar Mahadev, Annapurna temple, Sri Shuryanarayan, Shiva temple, Durga temple, Vangeshwar Mahadev Kartikey temple and Durga temple.


This is considered to be an origin spots of Narmada River and this is the sacred ground. Basically, this is an open pond and it is regarded as the river initial point. There are numerous temples that have been dedicated to this place and various Gods along with the Goddesses have come to this place.


Course of Narmada River


Its course would be starting point that is the Narmada kund and it is located on the Amarkantak hill and it is preset in the shahdol district and that comes in the Madhya Pradesh eastern part. This river would be flowing down and then it would be falling at the Kapildhara falls and it would cross the rocks and then they would be at Ramnagar ruined palace.


This river is having the straight course and there are very few rocky hindrances. It would be travesing in Mandla and Ramnagar and that is present in south east direction.

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