Mahi River

Name of River

Mahi River


India (Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,  Gujarat)


Dhar district, Sardarpura village in Madhya Pradesh


500 kms


85 m


This Mahi river would be flowing in the Indian western part and it would be originating through Vindhya range north slope and that is present in Madhya Pradesh and it is having an elevating height of 500 meters. From its birth, river would be flowing in Madhya Pradesh south direction and that is approximately 120 kms.


It would be entering into Rajasthan south east portion and that is regarded as Vagad region. Before, it gets the entry into Gujarat and this would be making the U shape and then it would get surrendered into sea near to the Cambay. Some of its tributaries are as fllows- Nori, Jakham, Eru, Moran, and Bhadar.


It is having the total length of 500 kms and drainage area of forty thousand sq kms.

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