Indus River

Name of River

Indus River


China, Pakistan, India,


Tibetan plateau, Lake Mansarovar


3,180 km


38,000 feet


This name Indus River has given the country its name and due to its annual flow, it is regarded as the largest river of India. It is also one of the significant Pakistan Rivers too. It starts originating through Tibet and then it would get confluence at Gar River and Sengee and that would be flowing through Gangdise and Nganglong Kangri mountain ranges. Later on, it would be flowing in northern western direction and that is through the Ladakh. This river would be slowly flow in south direction and then it would come through hills and that is present within Rawalpindi and Peshawar. It would be flowing from massive ravines and that is 4500 to 5000 m and they are located near to Nanga Parbat.


This river would start flowing through the Hazara and then it would be getting dammed at the Tarbela reservoir. This Kabul River would be meeting at attock and that is Indus River. Its remaining course would be flowing calmly through Punjab plains and then it would be meeting at Mithankot that is Panjad. During the merging point, it was given the name of Satnad River and it was carrying the Kabul waters, Punjab five rivers and Indus River. It would be flowing from Jamshoro and it would be getting end in larger delta and this is the Thatta east and it is present in the Pakistan Sindh province.


This river is having the length of 3180 kms and 1114 kms would be flowing in India and it is having the drainage area of approximately 1164,000 sq kms. Its annual flow would be 271 cubic yards. Indus valley is one of the ancient civilizations and River dolphin would be living in Ganges and Indus waters. It comprises of numerous tributaries and some of them are as follows- Astor River, Gumal River, Beas River, Ravi River, Kunar River, Balram River, Swaan River, Wakha River, Shingo River, Suru River, Kabul River, Ravi River, Zanskar Gorge, Gar River and Balram River.

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