Rivers Flowing into Arabian Sea

Rivers flowing Into Arabian Sea


Arabian Sea is one of the Indian Ocean important regions and it has been bounded through Iran and north and through north eastern Somalia is its south and on its east through India and on its west through Arabian Peninsula. Sindhu Sagar is its ancient name along with the Erythraean Sea.


It is having the surface area of approximately 3861,000 km sq and it is having maximum width of approximately 4651 m and Indus River is one of biggest rivers that are flowing in sea. This Arabian Sea is having mainly 2 braches and that includes- Aden gulf that is present in south west and it is connected through Red sea and Ban-el-mandeb is present in its strait. They are 2 gulfs and that includes Kutch and Cambay on Indian coast. There are countries that are having coastlines on Arabian Sea and this are- Djibouti, Somalia, Iran, Yemen, Maldives, Pakistan, India and Oman.


There are few cities that are present on Arabian Sea and it is inclusive of Ormara, Mangalore, Keti Bandar, Salalah Pasni, Muscat, Kochi, Gwadar, Karachi, Mumbai, Aden and Duqm. This was the complete details regarding the Rivers flowing into Arabian Sea and this comprises of important details as well.

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