Rivers Flowing Into Bay of Bengal

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Rivers Flowing Into Inner Part of India

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List of Rivers of India

Indian rivers have got to play a very vital role in life of people, especially India. These rivers are utilized for multiple purposes and that includes transportation, water, irrigation, electricity and it also provide for the livelihood of the people. This is one of the prominent reasons that maximum numbers of all the cities are present on river banks. Moreover, these rivers play a vital role in Hindu Mythology and they are also important from the view point of Hindus. Indian River system comprises of 7 major rivers and they mainly get assembled into Bay of Bengal. There are few rivers that would be flowing in western part and others would be flowing Himachal Pradesh state and some of them get emptied into Arabian Sea. There are certain Ladakh parts, few Aravalli parts and Thar Desert arid parts that are known to have an inland drainage.

All the prominent Indian rivers would be originating through out of the watershed-

  • Karakoram and Himalaya ranges
  • Chotanagpur, Satpura and Vindhya ranges are in the Central India.
  • Western Ghats or Sahyadary are in the western India.

The Himalayan River System:

Himalayas are being drained through 16 prominent rivers and these include Ganges, Brahmaputra and Indus. These rivers are very long and they are also joined through some significant tributaries. Moreover, these rivers are also having their source towards sea.

Ganges River System:

The River Ganges is a prominent and it has tributaries that are Son, Gandak and Yamuna that were not in the list, but they have been forming largest cultivable eastern and northern India and they are known by the name of Gangetic plains. Holy Ganges is one of the main rivers and it is formed through the combination of Bhagirathu River and Alaknanda River and they get joined at Devprayag. The true source of Ganges is Bhagirathi and it would be originating through Gomukh. These are also known by the name of Bangladesh Padma River and then it would be joining Jamuna River and this is also regarded as largest tributaries. Brahmaputra River is considered to be the longest one, but it is not present in the Indian course. Ganges system would be forming the biggest delta and that is known by the name of Sunderbans. In the entrance of Rishikesh, there is a bridge that is known as the Jhula Laxman Ram Jhula.

The Peninsular River System:

Main water would be getting divided into the peninsular rivers and that are formed through Western Ghats and that would be running through north region to south region. Godawari, Krishna and Mahanadi are prominent peninsula rivers and they would be getting drained into Bay of Bengal and Tapi and Narmada are the largest rivers.

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